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Now based in Montreal, I specialise in creative documentary wedding photography throughout Montreal, Canada, the UK and internationally. This takes away all the risk for you because you know that whatever happens you’re going to have your wedding photography covered. Employing the services of professional wedding photographers will ensure that you get these pictures on DVD as well as a high-quality photo album and magnificent prints that you can frame and hang on your walls. One of the best ways to choose a professional wedding photography team is to select a photographer Surrey who’s work you truly love.

Often the wedding gifts would be laid out and recorded in the photographs as well. We wish that on our photographs you will see all things, details and events that You’ve missed in a rush of wedding day. Our most recent awards include: BIPP North West Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2014 BIPP North West Creative Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2013.

Also local to Devon based Nova Wedding Photography is The Turf Locks Hotel where this September we photographed Polly and Grant’s wedding with a ceremony in St Margaret’s Church Topsham then by boat to the Turf! The term contemporary wedding photography is used to describe wedding photography that is not of a traditional nature. A fourth style that is popular in Asian countries, especially in China, is wedding studio photography (Chinese: 婚纱摄影; pinyin: hūn shā shè yǐng).

Professionals who specialize in wedding shoots know how to take the most romantic couple portraits, dynamic getting ready pictures, original detail shots, and lots of creative family portraits and shots of your friends and family having the time of their lives celebrating your wedding. Anna & Mike are full-time professional wedding photographers in Devon covering the whole of the country and beyond with a timeless and honest documentary style of photography. There are a number of photography studios who specialise in touching up disastrous wedding photos taken by well-meaning amateurs, the total cost of which far exceeds the cost of hiring a good photographer in the first place.

Many couples then love to offer framed photos from the session to their loved-ones as a secret gift on the wedding day. These home based photographers may hire additional photographers for exposing if the program is much big and unmanageable. An engagement shoot took place on a blustery but bright day near Salcombe, Devon at the lovely country house that is Buckland Tout Saints , followed up by a fantastic wedding day last September.